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Aerospace application
Huade products are wildly used in aerospace field. Stable quality has been affirmed through state-level key projects. Huade products were used in carrier rocket launching, many state-level key technological transformation projects and national defense equipment transformation projects.

Marine field
Huade Hydraulic's directional control valve, pressure control valve, cartridge control valve, flow control valve, proportional valve, multi-way valve and accessories, hydraulic pump/motor, are all wildly used in marine steering gear hydraulic system, swing crane hydraulic system and pitch control system.

Machine application
Huade products are wildly used in machine tool field. The product is in small size and lightweight. It can steadily adjust pulling speed in a given range automatically with speed stepless. With convenient operation and high automation, it is easy to access overload protection. The product is standardized, serialized, universalized and convenient for design, manufacture and use. Reliable operation and stable quality win numerous customers' trust.

Environment protection application
Products are widely used for waste disposal equipment and Sweepers.

Metallurgy application
Huade Hydraulic's power unit, is preferred in metallurgy industry. Huade products are adapted by many domestic large-scale metallurgy enterprises.

Mobile application
With the idea of energy efficiency and environment protection, Huade strives to make green products.

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