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About Us

Founded in 1979, Beijing Huade Group sought to further the technology that is so vital to the everyday operations of so many companies around the world. Through nearly 4 decades of development, we have grown into a large scale hydraulic components and power unit manufacturer. Today, we are a member of China’s top 500 industrial machinery manufacturers. We are the backbone of the China Fluid Power Association. Driving the technology and performance of hydraulic systems into the future.

Our headquarters is located in the Beijing Development Area (BDA). The BDA is a place of strategic economic importance and we are lucky to call it our home. The group operates three production bases in the area, a hydraulic valve production base, piston pump production base and power unit production base.

Headquarters Valve production base Pump/motor production base Power unit production base

Huade operates more than 750 pieces of production equipment imported from industrial giants in the US, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland. We guarantee the production of first-class products by only using first-class equipment in our factories.

  • Robot Assembly line
  • AICHELIN heat treatment line
  • DMG Horizontal machining center
  • Studer internal grinding machine
  • Hommel cylindricity measuring instrument
  • Hexagon automatic image measuring instrument

Our main products include hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, and power units. These products are driven by technology developed by Rexroth, an industry giant.

  • Hydraulic system for temper mill
  • Hydraulic systems for steel ladles
  • Hydraulic system for continuous cast machines
  • Hydraulic system for hot continuous rolling mills

Our products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, hydraulic engineering, construction machinery, machine tools and marine applications.

Our commitment is to supply our high quality products and hydraulic solution to customers worldwide.

Huade Hydraulic operates a sales network and after sales service system that covers customers all over the world. We have 10 sales branches and 5 operations offices in China. We can provide detailed technical support to customers no matter their location in the fastest possible time.