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Hydraulic Equipment

Huade is an expert China hydraulic equipment provider since 1979. We are specialized in offering all kinds of industrial hydraulic solutions for a variety of sectors, like metallurgy, environmental protection, oil and petrochemical, industrial equipment, construction machinery and water conservancy, among others.

Apart from the standard products, Huade provides customers hydraulic system customization service, which incorporates product design, processing, and after-sale service. Whatever you need, even the most demanding applications will be met at Huade.

Main Parameters
Pressure: 0-62MPa
Flow: 6-3000L/Min
Types of hydraulic system: common type, proportional hydraulic system and servo hydraulic system

  • AGC hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic system for 5500-wide plates from Angang Steel
  • Hydraulic system for salt harvesting ship
  • Test bench
  • Hydraulic system for expanding machine
  • Hydraulic system for garbage station
  • Hydraulic system for vulcanizing machine
  • Hydraulic system for hot rolling mill (2400mm, Loften)
  • Hydraulic system for banbury mixer
  • Hydraulic system for friction welding machine
  • Hydraulic station for steel heat treatment furnace (steel from Shougang Jingtang)
  • Hydraulic system for filter press
  • Hydraulic oil
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