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Hydraulic Valve

    1. Hydraulic Directional Control Valve
    2. Hydraulic Directional Control Valve
      Directional valve is designed to control the flow direction, and turn on or off the flow with directional spool valve, which is directly driven by the force generated when the electromagnet is energized. It is extensively seen in industrial equipment. The electromagnet can be rotated 90℃. The flow control valve can be operated manually when there is a power failure or other faults
    1. Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve
    2. Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve
      Pressure cut-off valve, DA/DAW series is pilot operated. Thispressure control valve is applied in accumulator system to unload the oil pump, or to start the high-pressure pump while unload the low-pressure one. In this way, it helps a lot in saving energy for the system
    1. Hydraulic Flow Control Valve
    2. Hydraulic Flow Control Valve
      Performance of this 2-way valve won't change when the temperature and pressure increases or reduces. Users can equip it with Z4S rectifier sandwich plate to control flows from 2 directions.
      Rectifier sandwich plate is available to control flows from 2 directions
    1. Hydraulic Proportional Valve
    2. Hydraulic Proportional Valve
      2-way proportional valve 2FRE is an electromagnetically-controlled valve, which adopts electrical signal control system to ensure that the flow is kept constant even when the pressure and temperature changes greatly. Proportional valve 2FRE is connected with subplate, making it easy to be installed. The sensor coil is adjustable, and zero adjustment at the throttle has been simplified

High pressure hydraulic valve covers a wide product range, including directional control valve, pressure control valve, flow control valve, hydraulic proportional valve, multi-way valve, and hydraulic manifold.

As a China valve manufacturer since inception in 1979, Huade has a powerful manufacturing capacity of 2000 thousand pieces of valves each year. The valve products we produce are widely applied in equipment engineering, chemical manufacturing, sewage treatment, and ship building, among others.

1. The medium applied in hydraulic system must be filtered with the precision no higher than 20μm
2. The oil tank of the hydraulic system must be sealed and equipped with air filter
3. Subplate is not included in the product package, please place an order specially if you need it
4. Roughness of the surface in connection with the valve is required to be 0.8
5. Surface finish of mating piece is required to be 0.01/100mm