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Proportional Directional Valve, Direct Operated with Electrical Position Feedback, HD-4WRE (E)

 Direct Operated Hydraulic Proportional Directional Control Valve

HD-4WRE(E) is a kind of proportional directional valve using electromagnet to adjust the fluid flow and direction. Its performance is basically the same as HD-4WRA(E). Control of electromagnet is accomplished by external amplifier (HD-4WRA) or internal amplifier (HD-4WRAE).

Proportion valve HD-4WRE(E) is rather easy-operated and only a seven-pin plug is needed to make it work. The casting channel endows the valve with excellent flow capability. It is connected with subplate and its spool is aligned by spring. Dimension of the subplate is the same as that of a solenoid valve. HD-4WRE(E) is widely applied in equipment building, mining, metallurgy and aerospace sectors.

Main Features
1. Spool is aligned by spring
2. Internal amplifier (HD-4WRAE) is optional; A1 or F1 input
3. Control of the valve is done by the electromagnet connected with screw. The coil can be removed individually

Technical Parameters
6, 10
Max pressure (PMAX) bar 31.5
Max flow (qvmax) L/min 180

For more details, please download the PDF file

How to Choose the Right Specification
You can determine the model you want according to the table below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

After Sales Service
1. Our valve product comes with 1 year warranty. If there are any quality issues during the warranty period, we will replace or repair the accessories for free
2. We commit that your email will be replied once we have received it, and we will come up with a solution for your problems as soon as possible

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