Multistage Pressure Relief Valve

 Multistage Pressure Relief Valve

DB3U is a kind of pilot operated relief valve (2 or 3 levels). Both the pilot and main valve employs poppet structure and are used for controlling system pressure. Multi-level change can be realized with the electromagnetic valve.

As a patented product, DB3U is designed with the capability of pushing for multi-level change with one single valve, allowing for more compact structure and more easily-controlled hydraulic system.

Main Features
1. Installation manner: be connected with subplate or be inserted
2. 2 or 3 level adjustment
3. 3 pressure adjustment manners
4. 4 oil control manners

Technical Parameters
10, 20, 30
Max pressure (PMAX) bar 31.5
Max flow (qvmax) l/min 600

For more detailed information, please download the PDF file

How to Choose the Right Specification
You can determine the model you need according to the tables below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Characteristic curves (measured at v = 41mm2/s, t = 50℃)

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